Jeff Andrew Simpson - Psalms By Simpson 2

Among his duties is the task of teaching middle school kids to play contemporary Catholic music as a band, as he leads from the piano or guitar.

In conjunction with his job at St. Jude, he began his employment as the Life Teen Music Director at St. Michael the Archangel Church in Woodstock, Ga. in 2007. Here he began writing and performing music for the Psalms of David on a weekly basis and found a niche that continues to this day.

To date, he has written well over 100 Psalm songs and is currently working on a recording project that will feature some of these works, set for release in December of 2010. “The psalms are beautifully written poetry about a love affair with God”. Simpson adds, “David is pouring his heart out to God in letter form, imploring, praising and singing without reservation. His passion is dripping for music and as a composer it is a pleasure and joy to discover!”

Jeff earned a B. M. in Jazz studies on Saxophone from the University of North Florida, and a Masters of Music from the University of South Florida for Jazz Composition. In 2004 he released a CD of original jazz music, which garnered much critical acclaim and features some of the finest Jazz musicians in the world. Married for 10 years to wife Deborah, they have a 3 year old child Gabriel and a set of 1 year old twins, Ava and Liam.